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In July of 1995, with limited funds and a head full of ideas, Rick Haynes put those ideas into action. The central idea was to provide a specialized rehabilitation service to water and wastewater municipalities in Georgia. This was not, in any way, new territory for Rick having grown up in the water utility industry for years leading up to going into business for himself. He had already developed a reputation tied to hard work, a knack for understanding, and finding creative solutions for water and wastewater processing. While working for T&B Scottsdale Rick would build on to that reputation that would carry him into a brief but valuable partnership business (M&H Construction Co.) and ultimately to open the doors of Rehab Construction Co. Inc. Since 1995, Rehab Construction has continued to build on the knowledge and reputation that Rick started this company almost 30 years ago. We are proud of the relationships that we have built, and are excited for what the future holds for Rehab Construction Co., Inc.



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