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Welcome to REHAB construction Co. Inc.


City and County municipalities can always count on Rehab Construction Co. to provide reliable, quality services to their citizens.


Rehab Construction Co. helps food and beverage industries maintain high standards and specifications while they enact environmentally safe procedures.


Providing the proper systems for military base water supplies is essential for operation. Rehab Construction delivers efficient and quality services.

About OUR Company

Dedicated to Delivering Quality Environmental Solutions For Treating Water and Wastewater Facilities.

Rehab Construction Co, Inc. has been in the water and wastewater utility industry for over 25 years. Rehab Construction Company brings a unique and creative skillset to solving environmental issues of water filtration and wastewater processing. We are able to tap into over 100 years of industry knowledge from within our company to provide solutions to municipalities, industries, engineers, and company owners with water and wastewater needs.

Leaders in the industry

Specializing in in-building maintenance and repair services.



Years Of Work Experience


Rehab Construction Co, Inc. serves the southeastern region of the US, with utility contractors licensed in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions to city and county municipalities, industries including those operating in food, beverage and processing, and Military bases. We also have the capability, through a vast network of engineering professionals, to collaborate and design-build according to the municipal or industry needs.

  • Rehabilitation of dual media filtration systems
  • Pressure tank systems
  • Ultra filtration systems and membrane technology
  • Mechanical piping
  • Valves and actuators
  • Service pumps
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Flocculation processes

Wastewater work including but not limited to:

  • Clarifiers
  • Drives
  • Polymer feeds
  • Belt presses
  • Traveling bridge filtration and water reclamation systems